Events and Deadlines

Please note that final abstracts are due by midnight on July 8, 2015. CRL scholars should follow individual program instructions and deadlines.

STEP 1) Submit your abstract.

To Submit Your Abstract:

  1. Review the abstract formatting guidelines to make sure your abstract matches the guidelines:
  2. Make sure that your mentor or advisor has approved your abstract.
  3. Students working in groups should select one primary presenter to upload the abstract on behalf of the group.
  4. IUPUI faculty and Center for Research and Learning staff will inform students who have been selected to present their posters on Research Day no later than March 14, 2014.

Please be aware that you will receive emails with detailed information regarding the status of your abstract submission. We ask that you respond to these emails promptly so that we can confirm a presentation slot for successful submission applicants. 

STEP 2) Create your poster.

  1. IF YOUR ABSTRACT IS ACEPTED, you will next need to create your posterPlease make sure to read the information regarding poster guidelines and printing before you present. Posters that do not meet the guidelines may be rejected.
  2. CRL students should also make sure to follow the guidelines and use the templates and logos associated with their specific programs.

STEP 3) Have your poster printed.

  1. The CRL will print posters for students in CRL-sponsored programs if posters are submitted to the CRL by July, 15 2015.
  2. If you are not a CRL student and would like the CRL to print your poster for you, the cost is $100 per poster and may include an additional consultation fee.
  3. If you need to print your poster elsewhere, please see the list of alternative places to print.