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Welcome to Innovation-to-Enterprise Central!
Our goal is to create and encourage the invention culture on campus. We also serve as a ready source of support and information for faculty, staff, and students engaged in research with potential for commercial development.
It is important to know how to prepare and move concepts and technologies along the "invention pipeline", and when to engage the expertise at the Indiana University Research & Technology Corporation (IURTC).

Our programs and services offer:

  • An Influence of campus enthusiasm for research, innovation, and invention
  • Connect students, research centers and laboratories, external collaborators regardless of major or academic background
  • Assist researchers in navigating the challenges and opportunities they experience when refining discoveries to a point where they can be presented to the IURTC

Getting Started With Us!

Our website offers many resources to help assist anyone who would like to be involved with our program. We invite students, faculty, and outside entrepreneurs from all majors and backgrounds to become a part of our community!

Our Web Resources

Our tabs show off different resources that Students, Faculty our outside sources can sue to help themselves get their feet wet in our program. You will find useful information to help yourself dive into the world of entrepreneurship in Indianapolis.

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