Please read the answers to these “Frequently Asked Questions” before writing and submitting your MURI proposal.

1) What is MURI?

MURI is an acronym for Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Institute.

2) What are the goals of the MURI program?

The program has three primary goals:

  • provide substantive multidisciplinary research experiences for IUPUI students;
  • encourage multidisciplinary research among IUPUI faculty; and
  • serve as a catalyst for innovation and sustained funding from external agencies.

3) Who is eligible to propose a MURI project and serve as a mentor?

Any IUPUI faculty member from any school may propose a MURI project and serve as a principal mentor. A proposal may list up to three paid mentors; however, proposals must include at least two faculty mentors from more than one discipline.

Senior researchers, graduate students and/or post-doctoral students may serve as co-mentors. Please note, however, that we are not able to pay hourly employees as mentors according to University fiscal policy.

If graduate students are named as co-mentors they must have an active Graduate Student (AC3) position during the time for which they will be serving as a co-mentor.

4) Who is able to participate as an undergraduate researcher on a MURI team?

Any currently enrolled IUPUI student may apply to participate on a MURI team as long as they are working on their first undergraduate degree and have a minimum GPA of 3.0. 

5) What other individuals may be involved?

Proposals may also include other consultants, staff members, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers as unpaid team members. These personnel do not need to be listed on the cover page of the proposal but their roles should be explained in the proposal where appropriate.

6) What is the time frame for MURI?

MURI proposals are solicited twice each year – once in fall for summer projects for the following year; and once in spring for projects for the following academic year. (see detailed schedule below). For 2014, summer projects will run from May 30 or June 2 to August 1; and academic year projects will run from the beginning of October through the end of April.
The Center for Research and Learning is calling for MURI proposals earlier in the semester than in the past in order to allow students the opportunity to apply to projects that correspond to their specific research interests.

7) What is the current schedule for submitting proposals?


AY 2014-2015

Call for faculty proposals

February 26, 2014

Deadline for faculty proposals

Extended from March 28, 2014, to April 21, 2014

Proposal Review Meetings

May 14 and 15, 2014

Funded Proposals Announced

May 19, 2014

Student Access to Application w/ Projects Listed

May 23, 2014

Student Application Deadline

September 10, 2014

Summer 2015

Call for faculty proposals

October 7, 2014

Deadline for faculty proposals

November 21, 2014

Proposal Review Meeting

January 15 and 16, 2015

Funded Proposals Announced

January 23, 2015

Student application Deadline

March 1, 2015


8) How should proposals be submitted?

All completed proposals must be submitted electronically as a single file, preferably in pdf format, to no later than midnight on the day of the deadline.

9) How many proposals may be submitted by a mentor?

A mentor may submit one proposal for summer and one for academic year (fall and spring semesters together).

10) What format is required for the proposal?

The proposal should be formatted on 8-1/2 x 11 pages with at least 1 inch margins and a minimum of 12 pt. font size.

Page Description


Maximum No. of Pages

Cover Page


Request for Students


Body of Proposal



1-2 as necessary


2-pages maximum per mentor

Support Letters (maximum 2)


Appendix --1 page summary (see sample template) per example of previous successful project(s)


Signature Page




*Please note that proposals that do not follow specified format guidelines will not be reviewed.

11) How are proposals selected for funding?

Proposals are sent to faculty reviewers who use the following form to rate proposals:

Reviewers are also invited to attend a MURI Review Committee Meeting where the merits of each proposal are discussed. Based on the rating scores and the discussion at the meeting, the top proposals are selected and sent as recommendations to the Executive Director of the Center for Research and Learning.

12) When is the deadline for students to apply for MURI projects?

Students should apply to MURI by September 10 to participate in academic year (fall and spring) projects.

Students should apply to MURI by March 1 to participate in summer projects.

13) How do students select a MURI project?

Students are asked to rank their project choices from the list of funded projects as part of the application process.

14) Are students paid a stipend?

Currently students are paid a stipend of $3200 for the full-time, nine-week intensive summer program and $1200 total for both semesters of the AY 2012-2013 program. Stipends are contingent upon students meeting the requirements of the program. Additionally there may be an option offered for an additional $300 stipend added to academic year participants if they elect to participate in an optional RISE course.

15) When do students receive their stipends?



One $3200 installment approximately the third week of June.

Academic Year

Two $600 installments. The first $600 installment is disbursed approximately the third week of January and the second $600 installment is disbursed approximately the third week of May for a total amount of $1200. Additionally there is a $300 stipend added to academic year participants if they elect to participate in the optional RISE course.


16) Do mentors and co-mentors receive a stipend?

Faculty mentors and co-mentors (up to three per proposal) are each paid a total stipend of $500 for each MURI project they mentor. Payment is made via academic overload and disbursed in the mentors’ paychecks. Graduate students who serve as co-mentors will be paid during the same semester that they are serving as a mentor and before they terminate their studies at IUPUI.

17) When do faculty mentors receive their stipends?



One $500 installment with September paycheck and after MURI final status report is received.

Academic Year

One $500 installment with June paycheck and after MURI final status report is received.


18) If I have questions regarding the proposal writing or review process, whom should I contact?

Questions should be directed to one of the following individuals:

Elizabeth Rubens
Program Director for MURI and CTSI
IUPUI Center for Research and Learning
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research / (317) 274-4590
Dr. Paul Salama
Co-director for MURI and Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Purdue School of Engineering and Technology / (317) 278-1682
Dr. Rick Ward
Executive Director
IUPUI Center for Research and Learning
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research / (317) 274-0419